Monday, May 21, 2012

{gorgeous moments}

friday weekly ritual (modified from its original inception), where i share a photograph or two (or more) featuring my favourite moment(s) from the week.

better late than never.

a  haircut "adventure"

a discovery walk in stanley park

a first time encounter with african penguins

a snuggle on the bus

a snuggle on the bed

a snooze in the chariot

a rest in the back patio

last week was very full. this week, is even fuller still. we already had to cancel on dinner and with a friend this evening just to catch up, stay sane, and stay well (fighting a headache is no fun when on duty with two toddlers. thankfully, they were on the whole, mild mannered today.)

i have today off because it's victoria day in canada. we spent most of our weekend prepping to transition the kids into their own room. after three years of co-sleeping, the wife and i are well nigh giddy with, well... hope. our expectations are low, and we most certainly will continue to cherish the snuggles while we can get them, but i do think that all four of us are ready to begin stretching into our own space. 

we'll keep y'all posted.

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