Friday, May 18, 2012

knit parade: the blues

i've got some knits in blues i've been meaning to show you.

first, you  might notice that i've made the wife and the girl matching hats. the pattern is called felicity, it was the first hat i ever knit... and these two hats make it five times that i've knit this pattern.

the wife and her hat at stanley park
the yarn: rowan denim
if you've never knit a hat before, this is such a lovely, versatile, easy, and satisfying project. 

i did try to get my girls in a photo together, wearing their twin hats. it just did not happen. 
the girl in her hat, in the stroller

ah well.

i also recently knit a hat for our very sweet friend and neighbour. apparently, he has a love of toques. and so i knit him one to match one of his jackets. 

pattern: rib-a-roni
yarn: spud and chloe sweater, 
striped with sweet georgia superwash worsted

as you may have noticed, i'm a fan of knitting the same pattern over and over again. for one thing, there's really nothing better than a really simple, classic, wearable design. for another, they are a comfort to knit. living with toddlers and working through the very busy routine of being a working mother, i have to be able to put a project down at a moment's notice. comfort knitting the same patterns again and again, helps me do that without wanting to tear my hair out.

i know. i do like to babble about the knitting.

i've got one more blue hat to make for the wife, a special request... but i've got two more sets of knits to finish off before i start that project.

in the mean time, let's have another shot of the girl-in-her-hat, this time with her brother, where they are both practicing the fine art of re-merchandising. right.

and here are my first ever pair of socks for me, which i believe also qualifies in "the blues" category. 

pattern: how i make my socks
yarn: misti alpaca hand paint socks yarn
i love them. they are sooo comfy and super cozy. it's still a bit nippy at night out here so these beauties are a great help.

i officially declare myself officially addicted to making socks. i've just finished my third pair and have already cast on for another. 

crazy. i know. thank goodness i've amassed enough sock yarn in my stash to make a few more. and then i'll have to stop for lack of yarn. :)

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