Friday, May 25, 2012

(gorgeous moments)

friday weekly ritual (modified from its original inception), where i share a photograph or two (or more) featuring my favourite moment(s) from the week.

i know i haven't been around of late. and i can't really apologize for it much because there is only so many hours in a day. and some days, there is just no room to blog.

i do have lots to share. and i will, once i get a moment to myself to organize an entry or two.

today, i simply want to share the first hydrangeas of the season from our garden. 

this lovely little bouquet was delivered to be me by the wife and the boy, as i was wrapping up some work for the job-that-pays. all the while, the girl was napping just behind me. 

a gorgeous moment i want to remember. 

happy friday!

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