Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day in a nutshell

mother's day is very nearly over. and if you asked me how my day was, my answer would simply be this: full. 

the day was full:
  • of children awake before i was ready.
  • of a failed breakfast of oatmeal - which neither child enjoyed, and then a far more successful second breakfast of eggs and toast.
  • of the children escaping to the back patio, because they can.
  • of my having to comply, with their answer to the sun's call.
  • of a daughter climbing in places i wasn't ready to support.
  • of a son astounding me with what he can draw, at three years old.
  • of friends and their children, storming, norming, and forming with ours after months of not seeing each other. which was lovely. because they have each known each other since birth.
  • of the four children who took turns crying, as a result.
  • of force-feeding our cat-hoepfully-on-the-mend, her meds.
  • of steam cleaning carpets and rotating and reorganizing toys and dishes.
  • of resorting to pizza delivery for lunch and its leftovers for dinner.
  • of the girl poking the hole in my last clean pair of pants while laughing hysterically.
  • of the boy throwing off his shoes from the stroller at the grocery store. and then having a tantrum about wanting them back.
  • of hugging the boy and the girl with every tantrum.
  • of losing my temper and apologizing to the boy, with my own tantrum.
  • of having a grand total of 10 minutes of eye contact with the wife all day.
  • of working from home for a few hours, just to get ahead of the week.
  • of squeezing in time to blog and knit.
  • of finally turning in, exhausted, but grateful to be able to snuggle with with my little brood before i start another week: my reward for getting through the bustle of the day.

just another day in the life of this mother. 

a belated happy mother's day to my fellow mommas! 

may we all recognize and cherish the spirit of our role in the universe with humility and love - amid the chaos and the "uncontrollables."

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