Monday, May 7, 2012

fish and cat news

meet swimmy the red beluga, the newest member of our little family. 

swimmy was presented to the boy at a favourite chinese restaurant last week by a dear uncle, on account of the boy's obsession with fish.

he fluctuates between wanting "it died" (because he wants to give him the whole package of food and hold it out of the water) and taking care of it. such is the logic of a three year old. 

and while i am dreading the water changes with every fibre of my being, i am smitten anyway.

in other pet-related matters news, our dearest spike has been throwing up a lot in the last 24 hours. 

spike is 12. elderly, for a cat. and constantly subjected to toddler energy, which, unfortunately, she really does hate -  despite both toddlers' best efforts to endear themselves. 

her resistance to their charms probably has a little bit to do with the fact that it was she in our arms and in our bed before the babes arrived. i imagine she is quite bitter, actually. 

we found her on the internet when she was just a kitten and we adore her. 

so we are observing her closely and making sure she's eating and drinking and going to the bathroom. but it is worrisome. poor girl. i'm hoping that she'll get over it and be her old self again, especially because she is alert as ever. but i have a feeling we'll have to take her to the vet very soon, if not tomorrow.

feel better soon, pikers.

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