Friday, March 7, 2014

knit parade: onward "shlanket"

In more knitting news, I knit a shawl so big, it's practically a blanket.

I'm calling it my Onward Shlanket and I adore it. The pattern is by Shannon Cook of Very Shannon, who co-wrote the pattern book Journey with my favourite designer, Jane Richmond.  The pattern is pretty special because not only was the shawl (shlanket to me) an easy and engaging knit, I felt so very clever for being able to make pretty arrows with while minding stir-crazy toddlers and most times half asleep, trying to resist the insistent charms of really sweet drooling kitten (she's 12).

She finally agreed to let me knit because really, what could be better than sleeping on my lap, under a shlanket? 

The shlanket is so big, I think it's actually taller than me! 

It's definitely taller than the boy! 

The yarn I used is from Sweet Fiber and oh my goodness, I think I have a new favourite: soft, lofty, and just exquisitely dyed. The colourway is called paper birch, a well-lit grey that I get to wear year-round with my all black and grey uniform.

3.25 skeins later, happiness is a shawl for all seasons.

Come on, Spring! It's your turn to linger! 

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