Thursday, February 27, 2014

only a day away

I don't remember history being much of a subject in my elementary studies when I was growing up in the Philippines. If it was, I don't remember much at all (though I am finding myself rather interested and so will research anon). I do remember Social Studies class.  Specifically this lesson about what the Filipino people inherited as a result of Spanish colonization: Catholicism, architecture, dance, a cuisine full of Spanish flavours, a language peppered with Spanish words, and the Mañana Habit.

If you know some Spanish, you might know that the word "mañana" means, "tomorrow." So, it follows that the Mañana Habit refers to an habitual tendency to put things off until, well... tomorrow. Yes, this really is a thing. In fact, I very clearly remember answering a quiz question to help me commit to memory that my birth country's chronic procrastination habit is absolutely attributed to Spanish rule (anyone else remember this?). 

Although I realize that procrastination is hardly recognized as an actual inherited trait, I would like to posit that perhaps the proficiency with which I procrastinate (and the gravity of the consequences that follow) is because I am twice-blessed by both my Filipino and Spanish heritage (thanks to my paternal grandfather's family and good old scapegoating).

For example, I have been so focused on getting settled in our new home, parenting, and working hard at the job-that-pays that I have been neglecting the knitting. Not that there hasn't been any knitting. Oh goodness, if there hasn't been at least a few stitches knit in a day, I think I would spontaneously combust and repel all living things within a 6 mile radius what with the waves of volatile un-becalming grouchy-mcgrouchiness that comes of having no time to collect oneself.

So, as you can imagine, there has been knitting aplenty. I gifted a lot of knits over the holidays. You know how I know? Many of them are still here. Yup. I have a pile of hats that I have yet to mail or still happen to be just here, hanging out, waiting for an opportunity to see the neighbours who live a less then a block from us so they can have their hats, finally.

I also have a pile of blocking to do. I finally finished my owl sweater. I knit a tunic for the girl's birthday  and I joined the Journey KAL and finished the Onward Shawl but haven't made a moment to block it or join in on any of the happy Ravelry group chatter.

In the triage of our days such activities definitely fall into the non-emergent category and so often render themselves postponed. Much like updating my Ravelry account with photos of such projects. Or dealing with the clutter in my office. Or the hill that once was a pile of laundry that is now falling upon my hallway like a mountain avalanche.

I really need to get my act together at some point. It'll be Christmas again before some of my people get their hats. And we are close to running out of underwear (no more diapers here!) so I suppose it's time to get to that laundry.

Maybe tomorrow.

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