Monday, February 3, 2014

well hello

I have missed this space and feel that I am quite out of practice with the filling of it. 

So for this first entry in this blog's second birthday, I'll keep with tradition and share photos from our first trip to the river beach in 2014, interspersed with some of the things I'm actively working on in the grand scheme of finding peace amid the chaos that is the busy business of family life.

: Slow down. Sometimes stepping back is a better way forward.

:  Live within the hours in a day. Sleep is important.

: Parent more kindly.

 : Play more often.

: Prioritize more time with the wife. 

:  Work smarter. Laugh harder. Create with wild abandon.

: Practice patience.

: Recognize that all I can give is enough. Enough is plenty.

Polar vortex or not, I hope that the New Year is already finding you well and in good spirits.

Happy New Year! 

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