Saturday, March 22, 2014

right now

I've been enjoying using instragram to document and share the things I want to remember of these toddlering days.  Sometimes though, when there's lots happening at once, I have found that the start and stop process of sharing a photo here and there removes me from the present rather prematurely. So I thought I'd  use the blogger app for a change and walk around at a moment when I'm not as needed, and snap away at some of the hand-making that's happening in our home. 

If this works out, it may just be a regular thing for this space. 

Curtains the wife made for our bedroom as an anniversary present the other day. 
A fish the boy painted today. I love his colour choices and blending technique. 

The girl  was getting a bit tired of making.

The boy taking over helping the girl's wand decorating efforts (see above caption).

Succulents "Pinky" and "Screamy" named and potted by the girl and the boy, respectively.

Patchwork socks to combat the bad luck that has befallen my knitting of late. 

The boy's birthday sweater, due in 6 days (see above caption).
Our TV has been off and our hands have been busy. Not bad for a cold and rainy spring day. Not bad at all. I hope you're enjoying  your weekend! 

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