Wednesday, March 12, 2014

knit parade: tunic and rocketship

Because I am ambitious to the point of seriously deluded, I didn't feel like I could live with myself if I didn't knit my gifts. On top of all things, the knitting has to happen. And if it must happen, why shouldn't the product of the knitting time be a couple of nice things for the girl? 

First, she requested something pink. I haven't knit her a little pink dress 2 years ago now so I thought it was appropriate to indulge us both.

The pattern is Versa and it makes a really nice tunic. I lost the band on the yarn but it knits up like Cascade and is hand-dyed this lovely raspberry pink. 

I think the button on the back really makes the dress.

I think she likes it. 

Next up, the girl's asked for a rocket ship since I knit her brother one last year

I had hoped to knit her one in time for Christmas. I couldn't let her down now. 

The pattern is called Blast Off knit with Spud and Chloe sweater. 

I do like that each of my babes can have their own ride to the moon and beyond.

The girl even picked the colours out herself, much to my... discomfort.I wouldn't have put those colours together at all. But I daresay, they work.

Her expectations seem to be met, don't you think? 

I was hoping that having the thing with her in bed would encourage her to stay in her own bed all night. I even told her it was like she was sleeping beside me every time she hugs her rocket ship.

It didn't work. 

Oh well. I really can't win them all. 


  1. Love that pink dress, and the rocket ship is awesome!! what a fun toy.

    1. thanks julie! the rocket ship has definitely gotten a lot of play, too. more than any of the other toys i've knitted. :)