Thursday, March 13, 2014

hey spring, yoohoo!

Thanks for coming to town a bit early to the party over here.


It's been beautiful watching the teeniest buds emerge, stretching up at the light, as if breathing out from the ground and ever so slowly sipping in the warming air above. 

All around, there is a tension that's ready to erupt in flits of blooming satisfaction.

The bulbs in particular, have been turning up everywhere, impatient to take their showy turn. 

Dearest Spring, I know you're not officially going to get here until next week but...  I do think it's time you showed some love to our friends who are still in a deep freeze, no?

It's time for a warm shower party all around.

Sincerely - with much appreciation and excitement for the cherry blossom streamers, peony balloons, and poppy centrepieces still to come,

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