Thursday, May 2, 2013

rainbow of colours: favourite things

white: the sunlight in my bedroom on those sheets, that blanket, that cat

red: japanese maples, a boy in a tree, that boy in that tree.

orange: tulips on the wife's bedside table

yellow: yellow bowl next to a note from the wife with specific instructions on how to prepare my pre-set morning latte just the way i like it

green: this canopy of trees at the river beach

blue: yarn mail from a friend in new haven with padding from her stash,  bird silhouettes on pretty much anything, and those chubby little fingers.

indigo and violet: these and many of its purple-y kinds greet us everyday in the gardens around

black: the sweater i'm test knitting, the wife who has recently proclaimed herself a knitter (be still my beating heart). that's her figuring out a sweater pattern for herself! i know right? 

the last few weeks have been rough. not terrible. not harder than most. just rough... there were extenuating circumstances, you see. much of which will be revealed anon. 

but i like to think that grief (not so much the act of grieving but more in the spirit of annoyances) - and graces, go hand in hand. and these here are only some of the graces i've been hanging on to when i feel i'm at the brink of a breaking point: when there's no tea to be had for some reason or the we run out of propane when we're about to host a bbq, or when you just happen to be in hurry-up-and-wait mode.

the colours of spring and this rainbow of favourite things: yes. 

it's a new month. happy fresh start to us all.


  1. i hope this month gives you a welcome stint of happiness, and hopefully a chance to breathe and take it all in... i am LOVING your pics! so cute! and that blue yarn? yum! also weeee she's knitting!!!!! you'd better tell her to watch out, cause i'll probably start bugging her to knit more and more... not that she won't get it from you :) xoxoxo bliss! but still she's writing up a pattern? colour me impressed! have a lovely day! xoxo

    1. ha! i know, right - she's knitting! more on that later... and please bug her. she'll love it. and no, she's not writing a pattern - she's marking a pattern up with highlighters and making notes to herself as she deciphers - ever so cute!