Friday, May 24, 2013

parade float upgrade

on the heels of our happy dance, and since it was feeling like our little parade float was a bit ridiculous for a summer full of plans to venture over to the river, it felt right to treat ourselves to an upgraded parade float. which, of course, we took for a test drive to the river just as soon as it was assembled - which was just as soon as the wife came home with the box.


if i was being honest, it's not as nifty as our old favourite. it doesn't hop up on curbs as easily. nor is it as user friendly.

but oh, it has already served its purpose.


the wife and i actually had a conversation on the way home. then we had dinner and drinks. and then stressed about the fact that the kids would be up all night because they napped so well and for so long, well past the point of no return (that's 3pm to non-parents or if you don't remember caring for toddlers). i don't think we actually got them to bed until midnight. 

but it was oh so worth it.


  1. haha i remember when owen used to nap, and i would panic if he didn't wake up so that i knew i still had my evenings.. haha i would even go and poke him. (nicely). ;) nice that you got a date in there though! xoxo

    1. ha! i know... i used to stress so much about getting their naps in. now they don't nap anymore. not usually. this was special. xo