Friday, May 3, 2013


when i was pregnant with the boy, i whiled away the time, impatience, and worry by satisfying the urge to nest. that's when i rediscovered knitting: trolling all the baby-related baby web sites for ideas on how to decorate the boy's room.

but before actually finding pleasure in knitting, i was completely preoccupied with making the boy the most perfect haven. i was convinced that there needed to be a tree overlooking his crib - and i even forced asked a dear friend to paint it.  

of course, we no longer live in that apartment. the mural tragically had to be painted over. and the boy rarely ever spent time in the room what with all the co-sleeping that happened instead. but in those early days, i obsessed with having a birdhouse in that room. and irrationally so. because a bird would never actually live in it. but i guess i imagined hours and hours of play involving a few hand knit birds or that it would somehow be used as a lamp. 

i guess i harped about it often enough that the wife and another dear friend decided to build me a birdhouse. 

and i loved it. i had every intention of sanding it down and painting it and knitting all sorts of little birds to go fly in and out of it. 

of course, that didn't happen either. we did mount it on a wall once upon a time. but there the birds i knit were far too big. and sadly, at the time,the kids were a little young for the kind of play i envisioned. and then they decided to use the little house as a staircase which tore it off said wall. 

but last year, we found room for my precious birdhouse in our little back patio. 

and lo! 

she's so much better than any bird i could ever make. this makes me so happy, i can't even say.

happy friday!