Wednesday, May 8, 2013

parade float

we are a bit of a parade float when we travel together as a family.

since our favourite stroller in the whole wide world got stolen, we have since procured an alternate solution - one that we hoped, would satisfy our need to shuttle toddlers around and still get places even with all the necessary gear (without too much additional cost).

over the weekend, we trekked it once again to the river beach.

here's a little glimpse of our family float - 

up front: the girl in the stroller. 

taking up the rear: the boy on a buggy board

you will note that the float itself is a stroller dressed up with all their gear. we are a colourful motley crew. 

one of us, either the wife or i, pushes said stroller, while the other carries the reinforcements.

this time, i was saddled with the extra gear. and happily so, my hands were free to photograph our procession to the river beach.

like all parade floats, we got stalled along the way.

and like any other parade float performers, these babes stripped off some of their costumes as they got warmer.

that morning, the wife and i were so deliciously proud of ourselves. we prepared well for our beach adventure. we packed light, brought enough food to sustain us for at least four hours, dressed the children in rainwear to combat their inevitable water encounters, and we brought knitting. we puffed out our chests and patted ourselves on the back as we began the 15-minute journey on foot to the river beach at 10 am.

we were not prepared, however, for the fact that despite the fact that the sun shone and there was not a cloud in the sky - a most rare and precious state in this here city - it would be blustery cold by the beach.

the sun beat white. and the wind was relentless. it was so cold, the kids were grouchy as soon as we got there. and it felt like a long while until the sun penetrated the wind's insistence that it's not yet summer, before we all started to enjoy ourselves.

the boy buried himself in sand. i can't get over his resolute and absolute willingness to get dirty and i'm proud of it all the same.

the girl was content to explore her surroundings.

the boy and the girl actually played together - nothing short of a small miracle.

and for a while, for longer than we have ever anticipated in the short time we have been mothers, we were knitting together, chatting, one hairy eye on each of our children - but not at all actually mothering.

i don't know how long it lasted. it could've been 5 minutes. it could have been one hour. but in those moments, time stood still and all four of us were in a lovely state of pure bliss.

it was time to go home when the boy and the girl began to wander far and away from our picnic blanket, off in two different directions, blatantly refusing to be contained.

all in all, we lasted 3 hours before we took our little parade float on its march back home, a little deflated from the altercation that lasted the entire time we gathered the gear and reassembled - but no less renewed.

i took no pictures of the journey back: it was my turn to push the stroller after all.

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