Wednesday, February 20, 2013

i miss dinosaurs

when the boy was into dinosaurs, we went with him to jurassic park. we rode the dinosaur train. we went with the dinosaurs to the potty. we found out how dinosaurs said i love you. we saw dinosaurs at the science centre three times and even hung out with them at the royal british columbia museum. heck i can tell many of the jurassic dinosaurs apart and pronouce their names with admirable smug-a-saurus ease.

one day, the boy decided he was afraid of dinosaurs.

then he went to montessori school where they brought a dead fish to gut, clean, and paint with and all of a sudden, our lives were all about fish.

so we promptly got a membership to the aquarium. we even encouraged his grandparents to buy him a (second) beta fish.

but the boy's obsession with fish has surpassed my expectations. above and beyond belugas and orcas (which consumed him for a time), nemo, and all manner of sharks, the boy is obsessed with fish.

not the alive kind. the dead kind. the kind you buy at the fish monger's. fish with their heads still on. he likes to pick them out and wash them (and sometimes the wife even has to gut and clean them) so that we can cook them and eat them.

you should see the kid with the fish we bring him. he pets them and caresses them and talks to them like they're his babies.

now i'm a pisces. i love fish. i like to swim with them in the ocean. i even like to eat fish on occassion. certainly not everyday. and certainly not to avoid a tantrum every time we pass the fish monger.

so now, i really miss dinosaurs. they're extinct. so they don't actually stink anymore. and i never had to wash, cook, or eat them.

grilled mackarel with miso, steamed veg, and buttered quinoa

naturally, because i love my son, and because he loves fish, i knit him a pair of fish mitts.

goldfish mittens knit with stash scraps
these are my very first colourwork project. huzzah!

and a very silly fish hat. 

fish hat dead or alive knit with various stash scraps

of course, the boy cares not for the hat. but it was most fun to make. i'm thinking it's going to be my halloween costume this year. 

but seriously, i miss dinosaurs.


  1. oh my goodness those fish mitts...he is too cute with his passionate love for fish. Send him a fish kiss... my little girl loves them.
    It could be worse... reptiles?

  2. i actually don't mind reptiles. i wouldn't have to eat them. :P