Wednesday, February 13, 2013

full disclosure: christmas knitting pile, fresh off the needles

as you may be able to imagine, the christmas knitting took a direct hit when we were all held prisoner by the viral party bus. 

i had a ton of grand plans. i always do. i'm not just an optimist, you see. i'm delusional. i know how to knit. therefore, i must be able to knit everything for everyone, whenever i want. and on time, to boot. 

never mind that i have a day job. or that there's chores, cooking, and four mouths to feed. never mind that there are bed time stories to read, or that i can't actually knit waiting for the kids to fall asleep because it's, um, dark. never mind that i actually need sleep because i hulk out every time the wind blows when i am sleep deprived. i can. knit. everything. goshdarnit.

then, not only was i tending to my sick family, i got sick. and you know i'm really sick when i'd rather sleep than knit.

i'm all better now. the babes and the wife seem on the mend. (i'm crossing my fingers. it seems i'm only delusional about the knitting. especially because our nanny's sick again.)  

all the while, i've hunkered down and spent many spare moments on christmas knitting. 

and now that it's mid-february, it's all done.

the bottom hat is graham knit with malabrigo worsted (my fave) in azul profundo
the hat on the top is wurm knit with knitpicks swish (lovely) in merlot heather

i can only show you pictures of piles at the moment at least until these lovelies get shipped to their recipients. but they are done.

the lace border is from a shawl called piper's journey knit with imperial tracie too (soft and lofty)
the socks are knit with knitpicks felici (really loved watching the yarn self-strip)
and diamond luxury collection soxy (soft!)

now i can focus on the march events extravaganza knitting: both babes have a birthday and the wife and i celebrate 18 years. 

i have grand plans. 


  1. amazing work! that's a lot of knitting! what's your fave sock pattern? do you have a specific go - to pattern at all? and 18 years! that's awesome!!! congrats! xoxo

    1. thanks becca! fave sock pattern is susan b. anderson's how i make my socks... it's free on her blog and it's the pattern i started from. i knit them on auto-pilot now but am starting to gear up to try another just for fun.

  2. Oh man the malabrigo is my weakness...
    You and I both " I want to knit all the time!" But the dishes pile and clothes and kids need to eat stuff.
    Oh and that lace pattern on the shawl, love love.
    Congrats in the number 18! I will be celebrating number 14 soon and it feels great.
    My boy also turns 12 next week..officially a "tween" !
    Have fun planning and knitting in between ;)

    1. aw, i can't wait to see what you have in store for the king! 12. sigh. i can't even imagine!

      and thanks for the congrats!

  3. I'm so excitied! i know which pile is coming to my house! yippeee! btw, i stalled on my socks as soon as i got to "turning the heel" -- the directions looked exceedingly intimidating. i was scared away. but, i'm going to go back to it this weekend. maybe if i watch a couple of videos i'll get my head around it.

    1. it takes practice so be patient... i knit my first sock out of the same pattern all wrong. miss you guys!
      package will be sent on monday!