Wednesday, February 27, 2013

birthday blips

yes. it was lovely as all that, turning 37 was.

but it seems i have run into my regular round of blips where i'm extra absent-minded and can't seem to think clearly.

anyone who has ever spent quality time with me has seen one of these blips in action, in one way or another. in fact, many of my really good friends have developed an instinct for circumventing such blips: checking to see if there's anything i've left behind, looking at a map, reminding me about something i should do before getting on to the next thing.

i am a forward thinker. it is difficult for me to look back. 37 years later, i've learned to take a moment to look back, every now again; and plan more. 

but the blips do happen. i celebrated my birthday on monday. and on that day, all i wanted to do was get lost in the forest. hours of toddler (x2) and mommy (x2) later, we never made it to the forest.  i just kinda trusted that if we made it to stanley park, we would just get there. but blip made sure we just didn't.

and my camera camera (not my phone camera) stopped working (or, as blip likes to put it, "battery exhausted").

after surviving a few tantrums (the boy actually professed to being grumpy), both babes knocked out: the boy in the stroller, the girl on my back. the wife and i both tried to stay cheerful (we were not), but we did manage to meet up with a dear, dear friend and we made for a restaurant that served good food and alcohol.

and then i had a margarita (X2).

and then we had ice cream and cupcakes. the best part was freaking the kids out with the sparkler.

and then i lost my favourite, favourite, the-one-i-wear-all-the-time shawl. i took it off at the restaurant.  but blip help me, i didn't bring it with me when we left. they claim it isn't there. but i don't think i will ever see it again. i was forlorn. and i pouted as i knit until the day was done (although i do really and truly recognize and appreciate what a good day it was). 

but really, i blame the margarita (x2).


  1. i'm so happy you had a wonderful birthday even with the blips... but i'm soooo sorry you lost your shawl :(
    damn margarita's. but so good.
    xoxoxoxo still, happy bday. ! xox

    1. you are SO sweet, becca! thank you for you thoughtful wishes. and for the shawl loss empathy. i'm still sad. usually i watch my knits like a hawk. damn margaritas.

  2. I hate it when a good day ends with a sweet thing .. favorite thing ... handmade... is lost. I feel you my friend x2
    Just keep knitting, just keep knitting
    I must say that last picture of you and little ones in hats is so cute.
    Happy belated!

    1. thanks alma! i am still sad and don't want to think about it. but someday i will seek out the yarn (again) and knit myself another (again). i hope whoever found it is warm and happy and appreciates the handknit.