Sunday, February 10, 2013


you may have been wondering where the heck i've been.

(or not. and that's totally okay.)

believe it or not, over the last 2 months my little family has been held hostage on the viral party bus. it's just been an absolute hot-potato riot of the usual fluids and associated clean-up in various permutations.

in fact, we spent the very first day of this calendar year in convalescence from the effects of the noro virus. not just us. our hosts, too. we were in kelowna, visiting with dearest friends. and we all rang in the new year with the harsh reality of what it means to succumb to a parasite.

apparently, i'm still bitter.

shortly after we returned to vancouver, we were hit yet another virus that would not end.  it was just not pretty. and while the hangover continues as the final symptoms prevail on each of us in one way or another, i am forcing my little family off the viral party bus by the power of the lunar new year.

i am calling a new year do-over.

i began this blog on the first day of the calendar year in 2012. but extenuating circumstances being what they were over the holiday season, 2013 begins today.

fittingly enough, we spent most of the day cycling through the feeding and cleaning rhythms of our routines. but we did manage to make it to the river.

i made that sweater. it's jane richmond's classic raglan. i'm stupid proud of it. the yarn is madelinetosh vintage in graphite: seriously delicious stuff.

i took a moment, the merest of seconds, to breathe out 2012/early 2013 and breathe in the blank pages of what's left of 2013. i love blank pages.

anyway, i'm back. and i absolutely plan to continue to use this space to stay focused on what's important to me.

happy new year! 

made by the boy. 


  1. i've been wondering why i haven't seen you around.. online sense of course. good plan to call it a do-over! and there's so much of the year ahead! for me, the year so far has gone by in such a blur, i wouldn't mind pretending it's the beginning of the year either. i love your classic raglan! and your yellow toque. i love yellow ;) you did a fantastic job! beautiful pics, your post was a very nice, refreshing start to my day! xoxo

    1. you are so sweet, becca! i've been following you all this while. i know how you feel.

      i hereby declare a do-over for you too! lol

      the raglan was so lovely to knit. i'm pretty sure i'm going to be asked to knit another one soon. lol

  2. so glad you guys are back. i know what you mean. it's been a long slow haul for us out of new years too. sigh. Hey i think our backyard is too small for that free house. but maybe we could knock down Norma's old shed and move you onto the back of her large yard instead. love to you all.

    1. tempting, my dear. oh so tempting. xoxo to the four of you too. we miss you everyday!

  3. I did wonder... but I knew you would be back. I still kept you on my blog as one of the people that inspire me. Your talent is ridiculous and your humor is contagious.
    So glad to have you back and yes happy new year!
    I heard many people go the bug . Seems like you had a bad one... bummer.
    So happy to see you here!
    That Madelinetosh is gorgeous by the way.
    The salty air always bring me back to new.

  4. you are ridiculously kind, alma! thank you so much for the happy thoughts. it is heartening to have you visit, speaking of talent. your newest photos are so inspiring (and you are gorgeous!) and i'm very excited for your shop opening!!! CONGRATULATIONS! i had every intention of commenting but i didn't get a chance! your offerings are lovely!