Monday, November 5, 2012

the wife had a birthday yesterday

we celebrated with home-made cinnamon buns (recipe from our dear friend alex. the kids' were my sous chefs), a trip to granville island, a visit to the beach, rolling down a hill, swimming at the aquatic centre, and then an early dinner at our dear friend's place: our favourite things.

simple family adventuring is how we like to do birthdays. 

one of the best parts? the day was so full - even for bustling toddler energy, that the kids were knocked out rather early. so the wife and i got to curl up on the couch with the cat and catch up on tv. 

(i finally started the sweater she's been asking for and knit nothing but on her birthday weekend.) 

i hope the wife had a good day. i know i did. 


  1. hurrah! that looks like it was a fantastic day! i miss that area so much, so i'm loving all of your photos ;) yippee for sweater knitting! that sweater will knit up super quick. it's awesome tv knitting. xo also, those cinnamon buns? oh my!

    1. thanks rebecca!!! vancouver really is photogenic... and yes! the sweater knitting is indeed fabulous tv knitting. going well, too. lovely yarn (madtosh vintage), clear and simple pattern... totally enjoying the experience (already heading towards hip shaping). yay! (if you want the recipe i can send it on!)