Thursday, November 8, 2012

mothering soundbytes: girl talk

just last week, i found myself at a comic book store near my office where i thought to call the wife to be sure that i would be picking up the latest instalment of the buffy season 9 (priorities, you know). 

the call went like this:

me: hello? hello...? hello?
her: hello!
me: hi my darling daughter! how are you? 
her: good.
me: whatchoo doing? 
her: nothing.
me: can you give the phone to mom  please? 
her: okay.

[silence. shuffles. screams at her mom. phone is passed to the wife.]

wife: daughter, who did you call...?

wife: ... hello?

me: hey. did you know the girl had your phone? 
wife: no.
me: you mean she answered the phone? 
wife: i guess so!
me: huh. 

my baby turns 20 months old tomorrow.

she baffles me everyday with her smarts and her smile, that one.

she can sing her abc's. in fact, she sings all day. we often sing together, and she finishes my verses for me. she may not be able to pronounce all the letters and words but her sing song is usually nearly in tune.

she can count to thirteen.

she tells you when you don't quite understand what she's saying with a  patronizing, "no."

she surprises me daily with the breadth of her vocabulary - especially at this stage of her development. 
she's already so strong, opinionated, assertive, and brave. sassy. funny.

my littlest babe is growing up so fast. and something tells me it's going to be quite the trip learning from her, as well as with her, in the days and years ahead.


  1. ohmygoodness! she's adorable! i love the last pic of you two. seriously cute! also, what's the toque she's wearing? it's awesome!! and while we're at it? what's that pattern for the yellow toque you're wearing? ha. maybe i'll go creep your ravelry page again ;) xo

  2. LOL omg you creeped indeed! awesome! can't wait to see your versions!