Thursday, November 1, 2012

halloween night

last night, a witch, a vampire, and a bat appear to have adopted pooh bear as one of their own.

photo courtesy of wendy (neighbour and friend)

i didn't get to take any really good pictures of my kids for halloween. the boy just wouldn't pose.  also, the girl needed a lot of assistance going up and down the stairs. my hands were full.

it stopped raining in time for us to really enjoy being out long past twilight, catching glimpses of friends and their older kids as they zipped from doorway to doorway. of course,  we did our own knocking on our lovely neighbours' doors where my own babes filled their buckets rather quickly with candy.

i loved watching the girl walk in her pooh costume. (the boy wore the very same costume two years ago!)

i loved seeing the boy flap his bat wings (which the wife made with her hands using a broken umbrella, following martha's instructions). his costume rocked.

i also loved traipsing around as a witch (red and white stockings et al), with the vampire love of my life (nod to the all souls trilogy). 

and you? how was your halloween? 


  1. what fantastic costumes!!! and so happy you didn't get rained on! your kiddos are adorable. i can just imagine little pooh bear struggling up the steps. cute!! haha. we had a blast for hallowe'en. and have far too much candy and chocolate at home now. :) i was surprised at how long owen wanted to go out for. les and i had to switch off :)

    1. thanks rebecca! funny how you and your husband had to switch off - such is the determination to get free candy eh? glad you had a great halloween! that pumpkin you crocheted - too adorbs!