Friday, November 2, 2012

knit parade: for halloween

final halloween post of the year, methinks. just thought i would share some of the knitting goodness. 

i knit this sweater for the boy last year, when his love for dinosaurs was at its peak. then, it was a fight to get him to wear it.

sweater pattern: garter ridge hoodie
dinosaur spines: steggie
yarn: spud and chloe sweater

this year, i finally got a good photo! and the boy has proclaimed that he loves it! (heart instantly broke and got bigger)

the wife made our tails!
pattern: dino tails

eager to watch the boy react to his classmates and their costumes, we all took him to school. we wore our dinosaur tails. the wife wore the hat i most recently made her to match. (apparently, we really really like this colour)

hat pattern:
yarn: manos del uruguay
three days before halloween, the boy decided that he wanted to dress up as a bat. that's when the wife set to work on his wings. i simply added some ears to a hat i already knit and voila! instant batty costume!

not the best picture but a pretty cool effect overall, eh? 

hat pattern: rib-a-roni
bat ears: from roar
yarn: berocco blackstone tweed and random leftovers from stash

i have some pretty special halloween knitting plans for next year though. for me and the girl, specifically. that's if i can get her buy-in. we shall see.

happy friday!

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