Friday, November 9, 2012

gorgeous moments: deep fall at the river beach

come for a walk to the river beach with us.

the weather shapes the landscape into a place newly magical every time we go. 

the boy usually finds a stick to carry.

photo by the wife
the stick is often used for pretend fishing.

i walk slow and take pretty pictures.

the wife and the boy usually run ahead.

lately, the girl's been enjoying rides on my back.

i'm thinking she's getting to see a lot more on my back than she ever did in the (stolen) stroller.

we always end up at the beach. 

the kids inevitably get right in there.

the wife thinks we should invest in wet suits.

there's usually a bit of a "costume change" before we head home either way.

then we call for pizza delivery and walk home as quickly as possible - before hungry tempers undo our family zen. 

happy friday!

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