Wednesday, March 6, 2013

rain dance: outside/inside

i know just how lucky we are. spring thaw is upon us. and yet this is precisely the time of year that i get very impatient for warmer, drier weather. 

so we're outside at least once a day, for as long as we can stand the rain. and we're inside the rest of the time, finding ways keep to anticipation at bay while we fight the stir crazy.

after all, spring means change. and change is constant. change is imminent. change is chomping at the bit, biding its time, quietly, faithfully - until the ringing shot throws us into the chaos of the unknown.

which means staying present is the name of the game. and rain dancing - outside and inside - is how we play. 


  1. oh man those purple and greens... we must be hitting the same wave. I just got malabrigo twists in those same colors today and could not resist.
    I feel the change here too and we play in it as often as we can.
    Pssst... I can comment enough for the both of us.

  2. oooh can't wait to see what you do with the malabrigo twist!

    and you're awesome! and funny! xo