Tuesday, March 19, 2013

magic march flashback: 14 years ago

in and around the early 2000's, the wife and i looked like this:


in those days, we partied far to late, watched a ton of movies, somehow made it through our university years, and slept in. we  took ourselves waaaaay to seriously for a couple of goofballs.

these days, we mostly look like this:

still goofballs. but we really miss the sleeping in. though a different form  partying - and movie-watching, for that matter,  still factor into our days with our babes.

happy anniversary darling wife. we worked through another crazy year - more connected than ever, i daresay, even through the business and busy-ness of our days. i'm so incredibly lucky to have such a thoughtful, supportive, forgiving, partner in parenthood and life. laughing with you and holding your hand - even for what feels like only a few seconds (and let's face it, sometimes it's all we get), is still the best part of my day. 18 years later.

all my love.


  1. happy anniversary!!! the new pic is the same as the old pic, just so many more stories to tell :) beautiful couple. xo

  2. thanks becca! you are the sweetest ever, you know that? pics of the day we spent together soon!