Saturday, March 23, 2013

knit parade: smitten

i had a love-hate-love-ambivalent-love-love-love relationship with this shawl since i began making it.

i didn't realize i bought 2 different colourways of the same yarn, you see. they looked similar enough at lettuce knit when i saw the yarn. but then i was kniteratti star struck and a bit too excitable in the toronto heat.

and then as i was knitting, i felt there was too much green. i thought the colours were too fall. and it's spring. but i should've had this knit for fall. or at least when it was coldest.

because now it's spring and i think it's too warm to hang out in a shawl.

but now that it's all done, i love love love it. it's the biggest shawl i've ever made.

i've always been a scarf and blanket person. as in, i have loved scarves and blankets as separate entities for their own purposes for ever. and what is a shawl but a wearable blanket?

i babble because it's late and i really should be doing something other than professing my love for my new shawl on my blog.

the pattern: mara (free!)
the yarn: blue moon fibre arts socks that rock in medium weight, striped in 2 colourways so as to not showcase my failure to buy 2 yarns of the same colourway.


  1. it's so pretty! and nice and big! it's why i want to knit nuvem. so it's totally awesome to wear a shawl-blanket. they're the best. xoxoxo i have been looking for bluemoon yarn for a while. sigh. i think i have to order some in...
    but back to your shawl. it's gorgeous. xo

    1. blue moon is dreamy, becca! completely worth it! the worst part about knitting one of these is that it makes you want to knit more of them! and they are epic! i think i see quill in my future though.