Saturday, August 10, 2013

we were here

yes. really.

that's lightning lake,  a short hike from our campsite in incredible manning park. which, incidentally is located on a mountain.

 i totally went dark without telling you. that's because not only was there no electricity in the area, there was no cell phone reception. humbling and grand all at once.

i'm blogging from our gracious friends' home in the okanagan at the moment but tomorrow we'll be headed back to our little home by the hard-working fraser river. i'll be taking the stillness of that deliciously clean and humble-making cold lake with me as we roll back into the routine of our days.

the forest left 2 marks in me i won't soon forget: heart-whelming awe and wonder at what it is to behold nature in all its glory; and a deeply seeded seething realization that there is no fighting the fact mosquitos, black flies, horse flies and all their blood-loving kin must feed on human sacrifice as part of this experience.

i'll tell you all about it when i get home.

but before i sign offthis very late evening, i wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to 5 years of legal marriage. our wedding day really is one of the happiest days i can remember, surrounded by so many of the people we love - including friends and family who could only be there in spirit.

(reminisce with me here. if you like)

happy anniversary, my love.

let's carve out some time together when we get home, ok?


  1. Oh my last last picture made my heart swoon just a little more than the first. Please tell me you have this framed somewhere. Your writing is so yummy, yummy to the last morsel.
    We have had our share of bites here at home too. They especially love my daughter.
    Happy Anniversary to you both. You don't need to say a lot to show the love between the two of you. Its evident.
    Enjoy the last of your bits and savor it forever.

    1. thank you, alma! for the anniversary greeting your ever kind words. i actually don't have that last photo framed somewhere but it is the last photo in our wedding album.


  2. happy anniversary! I LOVE those pics!! so beautiful! xoxo also, crazy how fast the time goes by, hey? I can't wait to hear more of your trip! what a fantastic opportunity to just unplug and get away... xoxoxo

    1. unplugging after being such an internet addict was a profound revelation. doing a bit more of it than i am even now, i think.

      and thanks so much for the greetings, becca!

  3. Happy anniversary!
    I came to your blog through Alma and I keep coming back, it's so great!
    Manning Park sounds great, but the mosquitoes are bad this year. We've done our share of camping in the area, but always with lots of OFF.
    Glad to meet a fellow BC blogger (I'm located in Merritt)!

    1. thanks for your visits, kerstin! i have stopped by your blog and enjoyed my stay but it didn't actually click that you were also from bc! we passed merritt to and from kelowna on the greyhound... and yes, i covered myself with MUSKOL but still i was eaten alive. as i say to my wife, fat is flavour. and the flies liked me for good reason. sigh.