Tuesday, October 16, 2012

knit parade: a walk in the dusk with our hats on

the rain finally let up today. since i'm on a deadline and had to work all day, i didn't get outside with my family until after dinner, as the sun was going down.

dusk usually isn't my favourite time of day. twilight tends to give me a migraine, to be honest.

but in this city, one cannot take a reprieve from imminent downpour for granted. 

so i made the best of the waning light by attempting a knitwear photo shoot. (many thanks to the wife who made the babes wear their hats).

i made these acorn-shaped hats and i love them. were i not working from the stash, i would have bought some lovely self-striping yarn. but these will do.

i love the way they look on my babes.

the pattern was pretty fun so i can't wait to make more. this time, i plan to experiment with 'manual' striping from my scrap basket.

 but for now, it's lights out.


  1. oh those hats are perfect on your girls... nice knits.
    love that time of day! Here when the day is waking and at sunset is when I love to take in the day. great pics!