Friday, October 12, 2012

an open letter to fall

dear fall.

i love you. 

my kids are wearing their knits again. 

in fact, you make me want to knit everything,

even patterns i've already knit, all over again.

which isn't really unusual. but the nip you bring to the air justifies my addiction hobby somehow.

you are a slow reckoning in vancouver: with trees that flame in syncopated sputters. 

you make the world so pretty, even as the flowers and foliage recede into the coolness of the earth.

it's my favourite, watching you unfold.

please make your farewell party of confetti leaves and light last a bit longer. i promise to find ways to get outside to soak it all in, while it lasts. i'll need the fortification for the next six months of wet and grey.

your #1 fan

it's been raining all day. apparently it's going to rain for the next five days. what is up with that? 

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