Thursday, August 30, 2012

{gorgeous moments}: from the river beach

my absence on this blog has become one of those things... a habit dropped and out of focus because other priorities had to come first. and truthfully, one of those priorities has been about nurturing the need to feel insular, reclusive, and guarded. not that there's anything wrong.

i was simply hit with a strain of the aloof virus and for a while there... (and to an extent still, even as i share), i had little desire to see the outside of my own cocoon. before children, i would've probably let myself waste away in front of the television or indulged in emotional shopping. now that the littles are in my life, nursing the aloof virus means a conscious effort to tuck in early, read a good book, choose not to kill myself with housework, with a bit of mindless knitting barely thrown in (for sanity's sake).

it feels a bit strange to think of summer coming to a close. it  has been a good one for my little family. we've taken a lot of time to explore and enjoy the life and light we have at our doorsteps and beyond. the boy and the girl have done a lot of growing up in these last three months. so have i: personally, professionally, and maternally. even the wife and i found new ways to stay connected amid the bustle, fatigue, rigour, and joys of mothering our energetic toddlers.

starting next week, we join a slew of parents readying our families for the new rhythms and routine that back to school with bring. 

but today, and perhaps tomorrow, because i want to linger in the waning summer light just a little longer, i'm going to share some favourite photos from our recent summer adventures. 

these gorgeous moments were taken on our last trip to the river beach (two weeks ago now, maybe). 

we come to fraser river park at least once a month. 

each time, i am always amazed at how much the landscape changes from visit to visit. 

the way the marshes are sculpted by the wind as they dry up from the low tide always takes my breath away.

i even think the wayward beach logs a beautiful addition.

we spent the entire day in what felt like our own private beach.

the boy and the girl had their fill of water and sand play.

we even found some blackberries to snack on along the way. 

gorgeous, gorgeous day (fire ant attack on my feet notwithstanding).

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