Saturday, September 15, 2012

fall starts

alas, i let the last few weeks pass before documenting what was left of the summer. and now, fall has us in its unmistakable grip.

the leaves have started to turn. the air has started to nip. we have survived the boy's official first week of preschool. now and now he has a cold.

if i was being honest though, i have been nesting in anticipation of fall since early august. nesting, in my world of course, mostly equates to cooking and knitting. 

shepherd's pie made with turkey and smashed potatoes

a new sweater for the girl, in a riot of fall colours. a riot.

roast beef, veg, and jus
newly wound yarn from the stash
fritatta of leftover mackerel, carrots, potatoes and parsley

a hat for me

identical hats in three different yarns for three of the littles in my life. more forthcoming, methinks.

canning tomatoes for the first time with a gracious neighbour

falling off the blogging wagon is rather like falling off any other habit for me. it only took a few days for the habit to become a thing of memory. to get going once more, and now that my job-that-pays workload has abated just a bit, i'm planning on making a concerted effort to rekindle this habit of mindful reflection.

as i type, i had not realized how much i missed this ritual. there is much to share and conversations to be had.

even in blogging, starting over is a gift i don't take for granted. happy mid-september!

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