Tuesday, August 14, 2012

goodness + some gorgeous moments from pride weekend

life is full these days. full of work. full of mothering. full of chores. full of adventures. some have been easier than others. 

i've been focused on being present and grateful for the fullness of our lives. i've also been favouring sleep instead of knitting and blogging. 

sleep has been good (despite the game of musical beds we play every now and again in the middle of the night). 

being present has been great. 

you know what else is good? a fully potty-trained three year-old. that's pretty amazing, actually. 

also under the category of good, working from the office. like in my cubicle, in an office building, away from home. i guess i was ready to let my kids fly on their own two wings at home. 

it helps that our nanny is a pretty awesome person, our limited english communication notwithstanding. the good news is that our nanny and friend speaks spanish... which means the girl can understand spanish, which is pretty sweet - even though some of her english words come out with a mexican accent.

anyway, this post features some of my favourite photographs from pride weekend, an entire week and a half ago. because that was such a good weekend.

in the mean time, i'm hanging on and wrapping myself around all the goodness of the summer moments for as long as i can. 

the days are getting shorter, after all.


  1. I too have been enjoying moments and took a break from knitting. We love pride week here such fun events in June.
    My three year old girl is newly potty trained too. Its a big deal around here.

    1. congratulations on your newly potty-trained girl alma! it is a HUGE deal...

      enjoying the moment takes some conscious efforts sometimes. worth it though.

      thanks for your comment.