Wednesday, September 4, 2013


someone called me outdoorsy recently and i almost laughed out loud. if you knew me growing up, "outdoorsy" wouldn't be a word you'd use to describe me.

and while it is true that i am actually outdoorsy - as in, i really do enjoy being outside in all kinds of settings - i really love being home.

and bringing the outside, in - well, it's my favourite, too.

while outside is starting to look a lot like fall, the days are still are hotter than my senses are choosing to believe. 

i want to stay inside. 

i want to eat food that makes me feel lit from within. i want oatmeal in the morning (already happening). i want my oven to pretend it's a bakery and dole out cookies and muffins and breads of all kinds (not quite happening). i want to decorate my house with pumpkins already.

i want to knit full time. 

check out the sweater i'm hoping to finish in time as part of my summer sweater kal shindig. the pattern is called flugel - a classic batwing silhouette that i'm rather smitten with these days. 

and since i can't have a pet owl, i thought i'd have one perch at the sweater's centre, using the chart from a pair of mittens i'd been meaning to make.

the yarn is quince and co. puffin and it's fluffy and meaty and delicious to knit with. so i can pretend there's already a veritable chill in the air.  the yarn is left over from a failed attempt at a sweater for me - which allows me to feel warm and fuzzy because i'm using stash yarn.

now this sweater, belongs to the wife

she's doing well, is she not? she's never made a sweater before and she dove right in with an adult-sized garment for her. she's knitting beeline and the using cascade 220 heathers. we're rather in love with the colour - a lichen green with teal and amber highlights.

neither of us know whether or not we're going to make the kal deadline with these sweaters but we're having fun with it anyway. these days, our date nights double as knit nights and i think it's pretty romantic that we're in this together.

and just in case you thought i was kidding about wanting to knit full time, you should know that i celebrated finishing the kids' sweaters by casting on 4 sock projects at the same time. you know, just the right amount of hardcore knitting to while away long car rides and commutes or to accompany late night tv watching and audio book listening.

i want us to have warm feet when the going finally gets cold.  


  1. Wow all those crazy sock colors make me super happy!
    The stinkin heat here is making me crave fall in general more than usual...but I know my fave season will be here soon enough.

    Can't wait to see how you lovebirds' sweaters knit up!

    1. aw, thanks hannah! i'm actually playing yarn chicken. which means i will likely not make my deadline but have to buy more yarn. sigh. :)

      right? there's frost in toronto right now. frost. i know i should enjoy this heat more but it's so uneven. the leaves are changing and yet its still warm.