Saturday, September 28, 2013

all is well

i am still recovering from the week i just had: a full work plate, the challenge of mothering, housekeeping. the usual really, but much more intense.

it's partly the weather. there is no mistaking it. fall is definitely in full swing here. the rain has been constant, so our inclination to divert our attention outside is subsiding. but really, we have just become that busy. every single bit of it is a blessing, though. because with the bustle and the busy-ness comes more regular exposure to the kindness of strangers, family, friends, and neighbours. with our efforts at reaching out and taking a chance outside our comfort zone, we get lucky.

very lucky. some examples:
  • i entered a contest and won a gorgeous book of knitting patterns by tin can knits
  • we are getting the 3-bedroom unit that currently houses antonia-the-dishwasher. we move as soon as the end of november, if we can swing it.
  • our new home comes with fabulous features that the current occupant is giving to us for free: like shelving, lighting, fun - yet tasteful - wall finishes, and a faux fireplace - electric fireplace included (knitting by pretend-fireside? yes.)
  • not very long ago, we never knew any of our neighbours by name - not in toronto, nor in our first vancouver home. now, we have amazing neighbours who are happy for us, offer to help us move, cut our hair, teach us how to can salsa and tomatoes, teach music classes, sweep fall leaves at the boy's request, give the wife driving lessons, and deliver all sorts of delicious treats to our door like perfectly good hand-me-down clothes or toys, waffles, cookies, scones, russian crepes, piroshki, cupcakes, spring rolls, garden vegetables, and plants to add to our own garden
  • we've rekindled our friendship with an old friend who is so very kind to us and has offered to give us a night out and watch our children
  • our vancouver family is always here for us: to hang out with and drive us around almost every time we ask
  • not to mention all the nominating alma (who is having a pretty amazing sale at her etsy shop these days) has done for this blog
  • once upon a time, i was the only knitter i knew. now i've got a good number of virtual friends and there are in-person recruits aplenty in my life. it's just been amazing spreading the knitterly love
  • friends and family forgive us our inability to stay in touch or reciprocate gifts
  • i have the generous support of management and colleagues to get me through all of the newness in my current position
  • the wife and i haven't seen each other all week. we miss each other's actual company. but there isn't a second that we aren't working as a team to keep things going at home
all i've wanted to do today was fall into a puddle and wallow in my physical and intellectual exhaustion (oh how some quiet knitting in bed would've been so good all day). mostly there was a lot of difficult tag-team parenting: the four year-old suddenly lost the ability to listen and ramped up on his argumentative skills. thankfully, the wife had a store of patience to share. but now that i've given myself this time to reflect, i realize how much relief i've been granted by the universe and the community that envelops us locally and virtually.

even when sleep isn't possible, the mothering gets tough, or the pasta gets homophobic - there is so much to be thankful for. every good thing counts, however little - and serves to counter or heal the inevitable bruising - both actual and metaphorical - from the punches i didn't see coming. 

and now to tackle the latest mountain of dishes (wherefore art thou, antonia?)before i settle in for the night with the season premiere of grey's anatomy and my knitting to keep me company, along with the memory of my paternal grandmother who died 4 years ago today. she taught me the value of affection and unconditional love. and her smile has never left me.

i hope you're having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are.


  1. Congrats on your new space! I love that you have great neighbors. The kindness from strangers we felt when we first moved here was strange to me at first. Now I welcome it. I could use a neighbor to give me some driving lessons too :)
    Thank you thank you for the sweet mention. It felt so wrong to keep you all to myself. So happy to have been a part of your boost here at to meet so great people online. So many of my favorite people are in Canada I need to come visit.
    These days my son and I have a nightly ritual watching "Heartland" yes the one from Canada. We love it so much we even got the captain watching too.
    As always love your writing. Sorry I have been away , now doing some catching up. Take care my friend :)

    1. oh alma, you need never apologize for being "away." it's all good! i know just how full life can be. and the lovely thing about blogs is that catching up is easy for all parties.

      heartland, eh? i must admit i've never checked it out. but now i will.

      take care right back.