Monday, July 22, 2013

sun soaking

outside or in, near home and about, in shade or without, every last bit of us from the tops of our heads to the tips of our fingers and the tops of our toes are soaking in every bit of the sunshine that is gracing this city right now. 

we will be needing the vitamin d fortification in our bones come winter, after all.

while the summer lasts, i plan to do a lot of stopping, staring, and taking close snapshots of the gorgeous moments that abound - with or without my camera - amid the busy-busy-slow-crazy of the working week. 

happy monday! 


  1. Wow your area is so lush and beautiful! That header photo is just a lovely action shot. So happy to see you all enjoy the sun beams. I need some salt water therapy myself .
    Love the feet on the log!
    Have a great week Margo ;)

    1. thanks alma! that header photo was a lucky iphone capture! yes, salt water therapy... i am missing hawaii immensely, especially as your king captured so many fantastic moments there. we have ocean here but only swimmable if you are very brave or a toddler.

      have a fantastic week, alma!