Friday, July 26, 2013

knit parade: piles part 2 - gift knitting

sadly, there is no way in the world i can knit for every single person i want to knit for. i am a working mama. knitting is what i do for fun. there can be no room for orders or obligation knitting. otherwise; the thing that gives me a moment to compose myself in an otherwise chaotic existence where nearly every sentence i hear begins with the word "mama" (followed by some sort of demand), this thing that allows me a moment of triumph when yarn and pattern happen to marry and whatever i'm knitting is actually looking right (despite the fact that my home is a perpetual state of toddler-frat-party-aftermath); this hobby that affords me an opportunity to learn something new everyday (not out of necessity or to better my career but for the sheer pleasure of it) - the act of spontaneously creating something wherever i am, in the middle of whatever i'm doing - would just become another chore. and i just can't let that happen.

but now and again, inspiration strikes: dear friends make humble and respectful requests without tying me down to a deadline; new babies must be smothered in hand-knitted woolly love; and some random acts of kindness and friendships can only be reciprocated with hundreds of stitches to convey my gratitude, in the smallest possible way.

this pile of knitting represents all of the above. 

my needles have been busy indeed. i have just been tearing through my stash - and not just for myself but for some of the people i adore. they are all in various stages of finishing, these knits: some need seaming, others need buttons, every single one of them have yet to be blocked. and there are 2 or 3 more little things to add to the pile that will complete a sibling set. but all in all, i'm pretty pleased with what i've been able to knit up in the last 3 weeks.

i hope to share a proper show and tell of each of these items anon. but luvinthemommyhood's summer sweater kal kicked off this week and i've been hard at work. 

i have just over 2 months to knit each of my babes a sweater - totally doable - if i stay focused and keep the side projects to a minimum.

suffice it to say that you can expect quite a bit of knit-centric posts in the next little while. 

enjoy your weekend y'all! 


  1. oh yum! I'm in a state of perpetual swoon. Your words for the love of the craft we share and your passion to share it. I love how you do and it shows in your pieces. To knit with love is a beautiful thing . Margo your gifts will be so loved and cuddled. Can't wait to them blocked!

    1. me too me too! we're going on vacation so it's the perfect time to block. i'm so impatient about blocking. being away will help. i am so grateful for this medium that brings us like-minded folk together. i don't think a non-knitters understand as well. xo