Tuesday, June 25, 2013

postcards from our summer so far

i had not intended on being away so long. i meant to check in once or twice in the last couple of weeks. but the truth is, life has been rather full. and in the very best of ways.

our summer adventures are well under way. we've had friends come to visit. we celebrated the end of the boy's first complete school year. and we are just back from a long weekend in victoria with my parents, whose visits are always at least 10 days long but each one feels shorter and shorter because we enjoy them so. 

we're in for a break in july - a summer month with no real plans. so, i'm hoping for some time in the forest and the beach.

i also hope to be back here regularly, good and proper. there is always much to share. 


  1. i'm so happy i was able to see you and sherwin!!! it was a highlight to my weekend for sure! xoxoxo

  2. it was really great getting know you better, too - such a highlight for us as well! until next time and enjoy your vacation!

  3. no matter how long you are gone, this is still one of my favorite places to visit.

    1. goodness alma, thank you. i love visiting and hearing from you, too.