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Genesis 9:12-1312 And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations: 13 I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth."

taken from our hotel room in victoria just last weekend

i was scared for a while. 

in russia, they appear to have passed a law that would make it illegal for adults to tell children that homosexuality exists

in the US, the fight to make DOMA unconstitutional continues. important battles have been won. but my little family is not recognized in all 55 states.

all over the world, my queer brothers and sisters continue to be persecuted for being who they are.

i admit it. the fear of rejectionabusehatredmisunderstandingandmuchmuchworse ebb and flow throughout the loveluckbliss of our days. 

but then i remember. i live in canada where it is my fundamental right as a citizen of this country to be who i am and marry whomever i choose.

i remember going to my very first pride parade. i was living in toronto. it was a very difficult time in my life. i had just moved out of my family home. i never thought i would speak to one of my best friends again. i wasn't out to anyone in my family -except for my mother (our relationship was very strained as a result). but it was watching that first parade, holding my love's hand, seeing parents and children out and about in celebration of sexuality that i remember feeling that i could find a way to be brave about accepting who i was. 

i remember the very day same-sex marriage was passed in ontario in 2003. i was walking somewhere in downtown toronto. i couldn't tell you where i was going but i remember that my eyes stung with hope. happiness. validation. strength. pride. i remember holding my head up higher than ever, knowing that the law of the land was on my side.

i remember witnessing my first gay marriage. my dear friends were getting legally married after sharing a life for over 30 years. together, they endured a moment in time when it was illegal to be gay. because the law to legalize gay marriage had just been passed, one of the grooms had to call themselves bride when they applied for their marriage certificate. it was a truly beautiful day. there was sun, a church ceremony, a civil ceremony, bubbles, rainbow balloons, bagpipes, dancing, and champagne. and the celebration was simply about love.

i remember that i am now married to the love of my life. i remember that we share two beautiful children - and that both our names appear on their birth certificates as 'parent.' i remember that the world is changing. i remember that we - my little family and i - are part of this change. 

i am grateful for my turn of events. i am grateful to the many, many pioneers before me - and those who are still fighting today - who suffer and do battle to make it possible for my family to exist as openly and as cheerfully as we do. 

i remember the friends and family (chosen and blood-related) who showed me love when i needed it the most.

yes it always boils down to the knitting.
yarn: knitpicks felici
pattern: how i make my socks

i was making this pair of socks for me but i am so proud and happy to gift them to my mom, instead. it wasn't until my son was born that she found a way to respect, accept, and support who i am and how i chose to make a family. 

in my own small way, i play the part of ambassador and diplomat every time i am out with my children, at every stranger interaction, at every school function, and in this space. i am grateful and proud to hold this position. i do not take the privilege for granted.

i remember that kindness, compassion, and understanding are two-way streets.

i remember that everyday is an incredible day to live in canada.

i remember to be so very grateful to call myself canadian. 

img src: CBC radio

happy canada day!

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