Monday, April 15, 2013

knit parade: for the girl's spring wardrobe

i've been working on the girl's spring wardrobe. the girl's wardrobe has been largely dependent (though not at all wanting) on hand-me-downs and gifts.

naturally, i've made her 3 sweaters she can wear all year long.

don't be too impressed. i finished knitting this first one last year. it just took me forever to finish off, extend the sleeves, and clean up the neckline. 

pattern: EZ's baby surprise jacket
yarn: fibre company canopy in laguna, noro kureyon, noro silk garden, and fibre company acadia (for the icord)

such a fun a satisfying knit: mindless yet interesting, an ingenius pattern that brings together colour and geometry. i really wanted a chance to knit this again.

the girl works it, too - crazy colours and all!

pattern: like sleeves
yarn: cascade 220 worsted

i love the way it turned out but i think next time, i'll try knitting this in the round and then working the front and back separately. i chose a heathered blue-gray to coordinate with most of her clothes - an extra layer to keep the chill out of her core throughout the seasons.

i think the buttons are the best part. 

it's a modification inspired by a dear friend. instead of working the neck entirely in the round, she added button holes to make it easier to put her babe's head through. and it works. i completely fudged the stitch counts though. 


pattern: in threes
yarn: knitpicks swish worsted

another clever and quick pattern that's fantastic for layering. i've been enamoured with the different versions that have been popping up in blogs, in my LYS, and in ravelry. so i finally broke down and bought the pattern. i already have yarn standing by to knit another one in time for fall.

i just can't stop knitting for her.

she's little enough that the projects don't take too long to finish. and she just loves to wear everything i make her. not to mention the fact that she looks fab in everything.

of course, i've got 2 other dresses and 3 other cardigans queued up for her in the next year (or two. which may be a bit much, considering i've set this goal of knitting a sweater for each of us this year.  (not to mentiont the socks that are constantly on the needles. don't worry. i only work on socks when i'm in transit or standing in line.) grand plans, i know.

on the needles now is something i'm test knitting for jane richmond. yes. you've read that right. i'm test knitting. that means i'm testing a pattern that's not out for release just yet - which means i can't even show you what it looks like. and i'm totally in over my head. it's a sweater, i'm knitting, you see. for me. which means it's rather large. and there's a deadline: may 31st. 1 skein down. 

only 7 skeins to go. and 4 of them are in the mail.

grand plans indeed.


  1. how adorable!!! you've done great work! and yarn mail is one of the best kind! exciting! xoxo

  2. yes yarn mail is the best!

    thanks becca! the knitting compliments are appreciated, especially from such an accomplished knitter as yourself. xo

  3. you talent is crazy good... I always wanted to make more for my daughter. She is four now and still have a need to make something for her. I love that Noro one but I think i dont have the super powers to make it . Maybe,..
    Love all the pieces and yes she wears them with much sass and swag ;)

    1. oh goodness, alma! i've seent he things you've made. your colour choices are amazing... you can totally do EZ's baby surprise jacket! i only knit things that are pretty toddler-minding friendly. your kids are much more independent, it seems - barring all other life circumstances - you can totally do it!

      thanks for the sweet words.