Wednesday, April 17, 2013


we're working through what feels like big changes in a house with two littles and their working mommies. we're giving up our babysitter at the end of the month. the wife is working less but later hours. i will be working full-time just the same, only starting much earlier than i have been for most of my week. which means for 3 days a week, i have to find ways to entertain my little people all by myself. 

to practice, i took the kids to the river by myself this past sunday.

i passed the test, i think. 

we all had a moment of pure bliss - with the babes and their sand, me and my needles. it lasted all of 5 minutes before i was needed. but it happened. and those 5 minutes of knitting were awesome.

the changes we're making, however, is already taking its toll on a certain little girl and her moms. a whole lot of night-terror-separation-anxiety-ridden-sleepless-restless nights for three out of four of us. 

the boy - the only one of us getting any sleep these days - is going through his own brand of growing pains.

we're all doing our best, day-to-day. and everything's going to be all right.

but i'll be honest. i've been feeling frayed at the edges. raw. vulnerable. 

senseless tragedies abound in endless permutations. 

i'm thinking of course of the boston marathon explosions, war zones all over the world, and bullying victims like rehteah parsons. 

my heart is heavy.

and i know that all i can do is make my own concerted effort- 

: to be kind at every opportunity

: scatter hope to the wind

: stay grateful and look for beauty - especially in unexpected places

: hold on to everything near and dear

: forge forward with mindfully present intentions.


  1. beautiful post.... it's hard finding new routines, for sure. and i know that your little family will find your way. i'm so sorry about the night terrors. that's a hard one to work through... sleep is so very important... she'll get there though, i bet. what wonderful mommies you are xoxoxo thanks so much for this post. and the reminder to be and do our best. xo

    1. becca, you are so unbelievably kind. thank you for these ongoing conversations or ours. they are lovely and heartening. :)

  2. I hope you know I shared this lovely post . I must be shared :) Don't know if you can twitter by there it is for the world to see. There is a lot of noise recently and it all sounds like the Charlie Brown teacher talking after a while.
    Then there is simple lovely truths from the heart that must be shared.
    Thank you my friend , your heavy heart is not alone.

    1. alma, i love hearing from you. i agree about the noise. the world is a wounded place that can only be healed with kindness. there's very little we can control. we can only be grateful for whatever we have. thanks for letting me know i am not alone.