Wednesday, April 23, 2014

centre stage

I don't know where she got the idea but the girl has been asking to go to ballet class since the New Year. 

Maybe it was the hand-me-down tutu she received from dear neighbours. Maybe it was from a book we read or a show she happened to watch while the sitter was on duty. But she asked about going to ballet class every day until I finally told that her I signed her up. The whole month we waited for the Spring class to start, she asked when she would be going to ballet class. Then at long last, she finally got to go.

She's been to 2 classes so far and she just LOVES it! 

photo by the wife

At her first class, I would be the mama with the camera face, snorting and bawling, shuffling in all corners of the room to record this milestone. She looked so HAPPY and FOCUSED just being there. 

photo by the wife

I loved ballet as a little girl. I think my parents signed me up for a few classes but then very quickly took me out. In their defence, I did't know my left from my right and I could never be described as graceful even in my toddling days. 

But this girl - even in this class that's all about the fun in the fundamentals, she's darling.

It's only just the beginning. I don't know if her interest in ballet will take us to the world of rigour and recitals. But it has been so lovely to see her embrace her time in the community centre dance studio so completely. 

For now - and pretty much her whole life, we're going to absolutely let her take the lead.

We're only too happy to follow in the wake of her changements. Especially if it means her happiness, too.


  1. My heart is so happy with excitement for her like she was my own. I also took ballet and I loved it so. Dance is one of those things I wish I kept up. She looks so lovely in her tutu and so confident. My little one has been asking for a year now. We have the clothes but have not been able to take her yet. My choices are pretty limited when a girl cant drive...yet. Still working on it.
    Anyways, I love these pics your wife took.

  2. oh alma! i feel the same way when i see glimpses of your babes and all the ways they are accomplished and adorable. They both display wisdom beyond their years!

    I know all about still working on something our kids have been asking for. The boy has been asking to get into gymnastics class but we're still trying to work out how it all fits into our schedule.

    The wife takes lovely photos for sure! xo